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Welcome to Towards A Better Life

Welcome to my new blog! I appreciate all of my readers so much, I’ll be posting new stories weekly… Be sure to keep up! You can subscribe below with your email address and have updates sent directly to your inbox!

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Latest from the Blog

Facing Reality With Confidence

Quarantine has all of us on edge. It’s difficult to get out of the house, which leaves us no other choice other than sitting around and waiting for it all to be over. Everybody’s mind seems to be in the same place thinking things like, “ugh, I can’t wait for things to go back to… Continue Reading →

Self Reflection: A Beneficial Approach

If I have learned one thing during our nationwide quarantine, it’s how to spend time with myself. Most of us have been forced to spend much more time with ourselves than we are accustomed to. This can be scary and uncomfortable for some. However, these unusual circumstances have naturally lead me to self-reflection, whether I… Continue Reading →

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